NeuSoo - Neusoft’s Platform for Patent Search, Analysis and Management

NeuSoo provides integrated patent information services like retrieval, browsing, analysis, themed databases, indexing, cooperation, monitoring, operation, and downloading. Through easy-to-use functions and visualized interfaces, users can obtain the latest patent information quickly and accurately, and can analyze the targets selected from massive patent information. NeuSoo enables users’ easier access to patent information and higher R&D and innovation capabilities.

Neusoft Big Data Patent Services

Authoritative sources. Comprehensive coverage. Timely updates. Create value through data.

Neusoft has been authorized to use national-level patent data from 105 countries, regions or organizations, with a total amount of over 130 million. Authoritative sources, comprehensive coverage and timely updates.

Big data technology integrated into Neusoft’s rich experience in national-level technological services and patent resource processing and integration, Neusoft provides professional big data patent services including data products, data interfaces, and big data analysis, enables higher utilization efficiency and lower use cost and creates value through data.

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