Neusoft provides full-life-cycle hybrid publishing solutions for the news media industry. Through the platform of new media, we offer all enterprises the solutions to new media operation, enabling them to challenge the business of new media. We also present integrated information-based solutions to many large stadiums.

Neusoft Central Kitchen for Convergence Media

Integrate the settings of large editorial offices for reorganization;

Restructure the gathering, editing and releasing networks and rebuild the gathering, editing and releasing processes to allow newspaper offices to transform from printed paper media to all-media platforms. Enable an open central kitchen platform for convergence media through the integration of a command screen, two databases, three platforms, and a technological support system.

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Neusoft Publishing Solutions

Provide a business model with which presses can gather users through contents and communities and realize product value through services; Rely on the concept of “mobile Internet plus innovation” to promote the reform and development of the publishing industry.

Broadcasting Media Products

Provide data products and services based on big data analysis, AI, and multi-screen interactive technologies for radio and television stations and cable network operators; Based on open innovation to enable the deeper integration of traditional and emerging media in contents, channels, platforms, operations, management, etc.

Intelligent Supervision

Provide full-view products and solutions integrated with management, business, and operation for governments and enterprises; Facilitate their integration of internal and external resources, unified management and control, and intelligent decision making. Based on client value promotion to conduct deep exploration and innovation.

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