With years of deep exploration in structured and unstructured digital resource management, Neusoft has leveraged the cutting-edge technologies like the Internet and Big Data to gradually develop the product+service system centered on data analysis, in an effort to meet the customized needs of all scientific research institutes, technological management departments, and libraries in collecting, storing, searching, analyzing and applying massive digital resources.

Scientific Research Institutes

Neusoft’s solutions for scientific research institutes mainly aim to enable these institutions to smoothly organize, coordinate and manage the co-building and sharing of documentary information resources. By ensuring the strong central system construction, high-level unified management, standardized services, centralized data resources and uniform data quality in scientific data services, Neusoft’s scientific research solutions facilitate research institutes in developing and maintaining their economic competitive advantages.

Technological Management Departments

Neusoft has built a provincial-level coordinated and integrated “Internet plus technology service” system by deeply combining the technologies of Cloud Computing, Big Data, and AI with the government services provided by the provincial departments of science and technology. This system enables much smarter technology services and allows enterprises to enjoy more convenient, faster and more efficient government services.

POcean - Massive Digital Resource Series Products

Resource collection: this system supports the collection of multiple types of data sources and new types of data; it ensures data integrity and security by enabling the capture, collection, migration, cleaning, transformation, and fusion of data from different sources; it facilitates software systems in acquiring and cleaning new data and migrating and fusing historical data, thus laying a foundation for the data application on the platform.

Resource warehousing: this system supports the storage of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data resources; it provides storage, management, retrieval and statistics services for massive digital resources featuring large volume, high storage elasticity, long storage time, etc.; it enables the efficient warehousing and storage, diversified display, multi-level correlation, and version control of batch resources as well as other functions.

Resource search: this product provides Big Data services based on distributed search engines and enables the search and display of massive digital resources; it feature fast response, accurate results, stable performance, etc.; while focusing on intelligent and personalized accurate searches, this product brings users brand new search experience by displaying results with the customizable template technology so that users can customize relevant weights.

Knowledge base system: with knowledge graphs, social relationship networks, relationship explorations and discoveries, and knowledge mining as its core, this system covers such functions as data storage, data editing, data resource statistics, data query, and data visualization. Its core function is to explore and mine the relationships of the massive data in the data sets to support the knowledge mining and relationship discovery for massive data resources and to provide resource knowledge graphs.

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