Neusoft Corporation and Neusoft Reach Make Joint Appearance at Auto Shanghai 2023

On April 18th, Neusoft Corporation and Neusoft Reach, an innovative company invested by Neusoft Corporation, brought their full automotive product portfolio to the 2023 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.

Neusoft Corporation presented its intelligent cockpit, intelligent communication terminal T-Box, global navigation system, V2X , and in-vehicle safety series. It released the brand-new Neusoft C? whole-vehicle human-computer interaction platform and the Neusoft global navigation product family. These innovative technologies and comprehensive product matrix attracted great attention from the audience.

Neusoft Reach showcased its basic automotive software NeuSAR, and cutting-edge technologies and innovative products in autonomous driving, vehicle-cloud integration, big data, EV power systems, etc. During the exhibition, Neusoft Reach signed strategic cooperation agreements with ZF and several other automotive supply chain manufacturers to establish sustainable and trustworthy strategic partnerships. They will work together to build a complete eco-chain system and commit to breakthroughs in key automotive technologies and product innovation.

With more than 30 years of experience and development in intelligent vehicle connectivity, Neusoft has become a core partner of automakers for innovation, to empower industrial transformation in the era of software-defined vehicle (SDV). It has established long-term partnerships with many domestic and international automakers and built a global R&D and delivery network centered in China, Germany, the United States, Japan, and Malaysia. Neusoft’s products extend to more than 60 countries and regions, and serve more than 200 models from more than 50 domestic and international mainstream automakers.

Neusoft will proceed with innovations in technologies and products with its deep and forward-looking insights into the market and its strong technological advantages, to empower the intelligent transformation of the automotive industry. It will support automakers in creating differentiated intelligent vehicle products, and bring consumers a safer, more comfortable and intelligent driving experience.

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