Intelligent Cockpit System

Neusoft’s self-developed intelligent cockpit system, designed with the concepts of soft power, high integration and intelligent connection, enables dual operating systems on one host and raises resource utilization through the independently developed virtualization technology and application. This system allows users to rapidly develop highly customized Android-based functions. It highly integrates software, hardware, systems, and ecosystems to improve user experiences and relies on core algorithms to intelligently reconstruct scenarios, thus providing more intuitive, safer, and more comfortable driving experiences for users. By integrating Neusoft’s intelligent network services, Big Data capabilities and diversified ecosystems, the intelligent cockpit system brings users healthy and personalized travel experiences with intelligent push, multi-terminal interaction, and health care.

  • Mainstream high-performance processor that supports multiple hardware platforms
  • Neusoft’s self-developed virtualization technology
  • Integrated functions like ADAS, AVM, V2X, and T-Box
  • Multi-modal interaction (intelligent voice, gestures, driver monitoring, etc.)
  • Multi-screen interaction
  • Cool HMI theme switching mode
  • Safe and quick start
  • Application store and third-party application management
  • Carplay/Mobile Link/Bluetooth/WiFi

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