Position Computing Unit (PCU)

PCU is Neusoft’s self-developed positioning computing unit that offers various massively producible product solutions with controllable cost for different autonomous driving scenarios.

Application Scenarios

Product Advantages

  • Provide various hardware solutions and enable the reuse of existing on-board hardware to develop customized solutions to different vehicle models
  • Offer the “meter-level” and “centimeter-level” positioning solutions through the integrated multiple sensors and the high-precision map matching algorithm
  • Support EHP; able to provide HD map data based on the ADASIS protocol for ADAS ECU and autonomous driving systems, and support ADASIS v2 and v3 protocols. Neusoft EHP components have been applied in the mass-produced vehicle models of internationally renowned auto manufacturers
  • Support Cloud Map and provide ECU with data based on online maps to ensure data freshness
  • Provide complete tool chain support that can assist Neusoft’s and clients’ engineers with function debugging and problem positioning
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