What is VeTalk

Neusoft VeTalk provides OEMs, tier-1 suppliers, operators, and the intelligent transportation industry with one-stop solutions based on V2X communication technology (DSRC&LTE-V). Such solutions include hardware development kits, mass-production-oriented V2X-ECUs, network protocol stacks, SDKs, application examples, platforms for standard conformance and simulation tests, and V2X Servers and fully support the Chinese, American, European, and Japanese V2X standards. Currently, Neusoft VeTalk has been widely used in major Chinese mainframe manufacturers, demonstration areas of intelligent connected vehicles, and some key transportation companies.

Neusoft VeTalk possesses 46 invention patents and 5 product copyrights. These intellectual property rights cover routing algorithms, precise time synchronization algorithms, hazard warning algorithms, and algorithms to enhance network processing capabilities. Neusoft has deeply participated in formulating and releasing China’s first V2X application layer standard and in drafting 14 ISO-related national standards.

According to the results of the test conducted at the intelligent vehicle proving ground of Virginia Tech University (VTTI) in July 2018, VeTalk has excellent effectiveness and performance under different environments, and especially has outstanding positioning capacities, less packet loss probability, and remarkable communication performance under complex road environments.

Application Scenarios


Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

When a host vehicle is running in the lane, VeTalk receives the information periodically sent from the surrounding remote vehicles. When the host vehicle intends to change lanes, VeTalk warns the driver of the host vehicle against the collision with the potential remote vehicles in the adjacent lanes.


Intersection Collision Warning

When a host vehicle is approaching an intersection, VeTalk receives the information sent from the remote vehicle approaching the intersection from the intersecting street, determines the possibility of collision with that remote vehicle at the intersection, and warns the driver of the host vehicle.


Blind Spot Warning

When a host vehicle is driving at a constant speed or accelerating in the lane, FCW warns the driver of the host vehicle against the danger of rear-end collision from the remote vehicles in the same lane. This algorithm is suitable for early warnings against the rear-end collision danger on ordinary roads or expressways.


Speed Guidance Based on Signal Light Status

When a vehicle approaches the traffic lights at the intersection, VeTalk can receive the information sent from the roadside equipment on the special signal lights and the local map, determine the traffic light status, and recommend the driver a passing speed through system algorithms.

Why VeTalk

Outstanding Technologies

Provide strong support for V2X security applications through the original patented core algorithms, the lower network delay and resource consumption, the higher message delivery rate and warning accuracy, the all-terrain warning, the long-distance target classification, the sub-meter positioning, the inertial units and the microsecond PPS time synchronization.

Complete Support for Standards

Support the American IEEE 1609 series standard, the European ETSI TC-ITS series standard, the Japanese and Chinese standards with ensured consistency and mutual compatibility.

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