Sensteer products focus on driving behavior analysis to provide professional driving behavior analysis platforms based on mobile Internet and on-board equipment, to create and operate mobile applications oriented towards mobile Internet, to offer cloud services for different business sectors, and to develop complete end-to-end product solutions the Internet and the automotive industries.

With massive driver user data, Sensteer creates driving behavior analysis models and provides data operation and analytics services for various sectors like insurance, OEMs, commercial fleets, and smart cities. Currently, Neusoft Sensteer has enabled the collection and access of various data, the driving behavior analysis models, and the validation of massive driving data.

Sensteer Vehicle

Sensteer Vehicle relies on the big data of connected automated vehicles to conduct intelligent analysis on vehicle conditions, user profiles and travels, thus providing business decision bases for OEMs’ R&D and quality departments and enabling their deep insight into users, higher operating efficiency, precision marketing and business innovation.

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Sensteer Fleet

Sensteer Fleet helps fleets detect and manage risks, assists insurance companies in managing and controlling the risks of commercial vehicle underwriting and claim settlement, and enhances the risk supervision efficiency of government agencies for road safety supervision and vehicle operating companies through utilizing intelligent on-board hardware, IoT, Big Data and cloud technology, combining the data of connected automated vehicles related to transportation and safety with the business data of fleet transportation, and perceiving the risks of drivers, vehicles, and carried objects.

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