Enterprise Smart Connected Products

Ubione Intelligent service robot

  • Medical Assistant Robot
  • Distribution Knight Robot
  • Disinfection Safety Guard Robot

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Ubione Intelligent Self-service Terminal Products

Neusoft Ubione products facilitate WIT120 construction through the innovative integration of businesses and information flows. With the carrier of hardware and the core of software, the new-generation Ubione self-service terminal products synthesize the AI technologies like facial recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprint recognition, as well as professional industrial knowledge bases, and will thus become indispensable smart devices for the digital transformation and intelligent operation of WIT120 medical institutions.

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Ubione Smart Enterprise Terminal

Ubione Smart Enterprise Terminal adopt intelligent voice assistants, facial/commodity recognition and other AI applications, enable rich functions such as easy pay, integrated communication, one-click intercom, device management, and provide integrative mobile information solutions based on IoT, software, and terminals. These single handheld products are of simple, light, and slim design, with the S511 series winning the German iF Design Award 2018, the Oscar in the product design.

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Ubione intelligent All-in-one service platform

Ubione intelligent All-in-one service platform is a standardized interface integrated platform that connects multiple channels and applications within and out of hospitals. It is built on intelligent technologies to meet the needs in real hospital scenarios. Through the Internet plus AI and the intelligent matrix analysis, this platform enables deep and effective data mining, supports a widest range of payment methods and settlement channels, and realizes the centralized management of services, payments, accounts, and information within the hospital system.

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