Ubione Intelligent service robot

Medical Assistant Robot

According to the needs of the actual scene of the medical institutions, the medical assistant robot products will become an indispensable medical self-service equipment in the digital transformation and intelligent operation of the medical institutions in the smart hospital with intelligent enabling, AI + medical, integrated face recognition, voice recognition and other artificial intelligence technology and industry knowledge base.

Referral Service

  • Symptom Guide
  • Pre-test Guide
  • Location query
  • Doctor recommended
  • Navigation obstacle avoidance

Information Service

  • Department query
  • Expert inquiry
  • Medical inquiry
  • Health education
  • Professional Work Guidelines

Medical Service

  • Patient identification
  • Outpatient appointment
  • Registered on the day
  • Prescription payment
  • Consume inquiry

Distribution Knight Robot

Unmanned delivery, isolated risks, efficient and safe

Mainly used in medical scenes, medicines or articles can be sent to special wards without errors, reducing the risk of manual contact with the source of infection. The efficiency of the distribution robot is more than 10 times that of manual distribution, and the distribution work is accurate and efficient.


  • Unmanned delivery, accurate arrival
  • Temperature locked items protection, safe and efficient
  • Identity scan code to unlock, no risk throughout
  • The cabinet is closed without pollution
  • The load-bearing range of the delivered items is large, which can meet the needs of multiple scenarios
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